HiSea aims to offer state of the art, high resolution data of sea water quality to provide focused answers to specific questions from the port and aquaculture industries. 

Our novel information services will incorporate Copernicus Marine, Land and Climate Services Products, local monitoring data and advanced modelling to improve operation, planning and management of different marine activities.

Europe, through the programs such as Copernicus, has been making significant investments to make publicly available data that can contribute to the operations productivity in different sectors. Unfortunately, many of the potential beneficiaries lack the ability to select, extract and utilize much of the data they require to improve their activities.

HiSea wishes to bring economic value to marine related business by providing a platform that will enable higher efficiency and effectiveness in the operations productivity, while decreasing the pressures on the marine and coastal environment.

Our mission is to provide meaningful data to better understand surrounding environment and provide improved forecasts of future conditions.