Media Coverage

9 December 2022

The EU-funded HiSea Project will commercially launch the HiSea Platform, which provides high-resolution information services at sea, at the project’s final conference. Read more

29 January 2021

HiSea is an EU-funded project that develops services to provide high resolution Earth Observation-based data of water quality at sea, to provide solutions for ports and aquaculture industries. Read more

13 November 2019

HiSea will reveal the first prototype of a high-resolution system providing data on sea water quality

The prototype platform will be presented to end-users from the ports and aquaculture sectors at the project’s General Assembly in Nice. Read more

11 January 2019

HiSea project offers high resolution data on sea water quality

The European Union (Horizon2020) has awarded the HiSea consortium in January with 2 million euro to develop, test and demonstrate information services that provide high resolution data of sea water quality. Read more

9 January 2019

HiSea consortium wins EU contract to offer data on sea water quality

HiSea consortium has secured a contract worth €2m from the European Union (EU) to develop, test and showcase information services that offer high resolution data on sea water quality. Read more

8 January 2019

HiSea: Twee miljoen voor data-onderzoek naar kwaliteit zeewater

Het HiSea consortium, waar Deltares onderdeel van uit maakt, krijgt van Brussel twee miljoen euro voor het verzamelen van hoge resolutie data over de kwaliteit van zeewater. Het doel is om havens en aquacultuur-initiatieven te helpen bij het verbeteren van hun diensten en crisis management mogelijk te maken. Read more

December 10, 2018

High Resolution Copernicus-Based Information Services at Sea for Ports and Aquaculture

HiSea will provide a co-designed service that offers high resolution water quality data at sea answering to specific questions from the targeted port and the aquaculture sectors. Read more