Research Papers

On 2020, Deltares has contributed to a publication on the assessment of uncertainty for seawater temperature using ensemble simulation.

The coastal 3D hydrodynamic model aiming at simulating seawater temperature is the one developed during the HiSea project for the southern Aegean Sea, using the Delft3D Flexible Mesh modeling tool. The simulated seawater temperature has been validated against in situ measurements provided by Selonda.

A paper entitled “Improvement of an Operational Forecasting System for Extreme Tidal Events in Santos Estuary (Brazil)”, published on December 10, 2019 on Geosciences.

The paper, written by Joana Mendes and João Dias of Portugal’s University of Aveiro, together with Paulo Leitão, José Chambel Leitão, Sofia Bartolomeu and João Rodrigues of HiSea partner Hidromod, incorporates research related to HiSea project as a source of funding.