HiSea Project to Hold Stakeholders Workshops on Making Earth Observation Practical, Tangible and Relevant

The EU-funded project will hold two seminars in June, in Valencia and Athens, to gather information from the ports and aquaculture sectors regarding their needs for sea water quality information obtained from the HiSea Platform

VALENCIA, Spain, June 7, 2019 – The EU-funded HiSea Project, which aims to develop, test and demonstrate information services that provide high resolution data of water quality at sea, will hold two workshops in June for end users in Spain and Greece. The seminars are dedicated to making earth observation (EO) practical, tangible and relevant.

The first workshop, which is focused primarily on port authorities, will take place on June 10–11, 2019 in Sala Neptuno at the facilities of the Port Authority of Valencia. The event is organized and hosted by the Valenciaport Foundation.

The first day will focus on the current status of the HiSea Project. The second day will include a user requirement workshop and a visit to the Port of Valencia. During the workshop, representatives from different port authorities will make short presentations describing issues and problems that should be addressed by the HiSea Platform.

Among others, external to the project partners, there will also be representatives from the Valencian Regional Government, the Harbour Master from the Port of Valencia and the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency.

The innovative platform will provide physical parameters (meteorology, waves and currents) and water quality parameters (chlorophyll, marine pollution and more) based on the knowledge and experience of the existing partners’ well proven platforms such as FEWS or AQUASAFE.

Since the platform is built on an end-user-centred approach, the events will provide an excellent opportunity to involve end-users and stakeholders in the services design, development and operation.

The second workshop, which is aimed at the aquaculture sector, will be held June 27–28, 2019 in Athens. The seminar, which is hosted by Selonda Aquaculture, will include a full day guided visit to Selonda’s facilities and a day dedicated to presenting HiSea solutions and gathering information on aquaculture requirements and needs.