Workshop for the Aquaculture Industry on the Benefits of High-Resolution Water Quality Data Services

The HiSea Project will hold a virtual event to demonstrate how high-resolution water quality data can improve aquaculture operations, lower costs, and anticipate damaging events

Delft, Netherlands, December 2, 2020 – The EU-funded HiSea Project will hold a special workshop to demonstrate how the aquaculture industry can benefit from high-resolution water quality data services on December 10, 2020.

Aquaculture professionals, and others interested in maintaining see water quality, are invited to participate in the virtual demonstration. Participants will learn how high-resolution services can improve aquaculture operations, lower maintenance costs, upgrade performance and anticipate damaging events to mitigate negative impact.

HiSea is developing innovative services for the aquaculture sector to provide reliable and accurate historical data, forecasts and alerts regarding water quality parameters and whether conditions, without the need to install instruments on site, by using data obtained from satellites. 

The webinar will focus on: 

  • Real time, historical data and forecast of weather and water quality information including currents, waves, oxygen levels, turbidity, microbiology or sea and air temperatures to implement effective and efficient aquaculture management.
  • Improvement of procedures with impact on daily operation such as tide forecasts.
  • Advanced data analytics and performance indicators.
  • Early warning and anticipation of harmful events by means of forecasting their probable timing, magnitude and location. By allowing the simulation of alternative actions, the service will contribute to mitigate adverse effects on operations and environmental impacts.

“The successful workshop we have held for ports industry has indicated how much interest there is in the high-resolution service offered by HiSea,” said Dr Ghada El Serafy from Deltares, HiSea Project coordinator. “The second workshop is focused on the aquaculture sector will enable users from this sector understand how they can benefit from accurate data in unparallel quality.”  

The workshop will include sessions on real-use cases, a demonstration of the HiSea platform and a roundtable discussion on end-user feedback. Moreover, a hands-on session will be held in order for participants to directly interact with the HiSea platform and help shape it to best fit users’ needs and workflow.

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