HiSea to demonstrate the value of high-resolution water quality data services brings to sea ports

The EU-funded HiSea Project will hold a special webinar to demonstrate how ports can benefit from high-resolution water quality data services on Thursday, June 4th, 2020.

Representatives of ports, port authorities, and other institutions interested in maintaining see water quality, are invited to participate in the virtual workshop. Participants will learn how high-resolution water quality data can improve port operations, lower maintenance costs, minimize damage to infrastructure and improve readiness to extreme weather conditions.

HiSea is developing innovative services to provide more reliable and accurate forecasts and alerts regarding water quality at and around ports.  Co-designed with end-users to answer real needs of the port sector, the services will be demonstrated to obtain feedback and update the final product to fulfill expectations.

The hands-on event will focus on:

  • Oil Spill Clean-Up – forecast oil spill trajectory for specific event and plan effective, efficient response.
  • Port Flushing and water quality – easily measure your port’s ability to flush the port basin.
  • Safe Port Depth – detect water depth based on hydrodynamic conditions
  • Extreme weather preparedness – make sure that port infrastructure can withstand extreme weather conditions by using information on water levels, current and significant wave height.

“This webinar will enable HiSea to confirm that its innovative products and services  fulfill users’ expectations,” said Dr Ghada El Serafy from Deltares, the coordinator of the HiSea Project. “The workshop will demonstrate the high-resolution service offered by HiSea and will enable potential users explore the benefits of the HiSea Platform, provide feedback and get to know how they can incorporate these innovative tools into their workflow to improve operations.”

The workshop agenda will include sessions on the benefits of high-resolution, earth-observation data services, a demonstration of the HiSea Palatiform with time for participants to engage with the platform and a roundtable discussion.

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